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In Year 4 and 5, we welcomed the well-established poet and scriptwriter, Anjum Malik. Anjum has worked with our school before, at Arvon’s Lumb Bank, where she inspired a group of Year 6 children into writing some amazing poetry.

She was looking forward to working with Harton Primary again, and led workshops in Creative Writing, and Writing Monologues over the course of two days.

Year 4 started with some Indian dance, then were shown how a simple scarf could be transformed into just about anything! The scarves inspired the children to role play a scenario, then write in any genre. They really had a great time.

The Year 5 children attended a ‘read through’ of Anjum’s playscript Monologue, just like real actors do. The monologue was about a Bangladeshi family’s experience of racism in a different culture, and finding a place in that society.

Year 4 and 5 came together to perform their work – there were some very well written and original pieces. Well done everyone.




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