Year 5 have had the honor of hosting a visit from a Mayan warrior this week. Each class had a full day to learn about the Mayan people and traditions before we start our history unit. This visit also allowed us to produce a piece of literacy writing in the form of a recount. To tell you all about the visit, here is one of our recounts:

“On the 27th of April, a Mayan came in and told us about the Mayans. He said his name was Nohoch Ni’, (which means Big Nose), but his real name was Robert, and he told us how to say ‘My name is’ in Mayan.


Firstly we learned how to count 1-10 in Mayan, for instance 1 was oon and 10 was la-oon. Then we played the sacrifice game, but nobody got killed for real. In the game, Big Nose shouted some numbers in Mayan and if we didn’t get into a group of that number we would get sacrificed. Kurtis and myself won the game.


After that, he told us that you are more likely to get a boy or girl friend if you have a big head and crossed eyes. After play Mr Forster and Miss Winter did the Mayan ‘Creation Story’ and everyone thought that they were funny. They had some people get up and do drama too.


Eventually we tried cocoa beans and Mr Forster said that Kaitlyn should do it, because he never sees a reaction out of her. When she her face was so funny! As well as that, Anna had her hands covering her face when she tried.


After dinner, we finished our drama then did some more drama about the Gods. When we were doing the God drama, I was the God and Jamie and Sam were the men we killed and Kaitlyn, Marley and Sienna were the servants.

IMG_5834 IMG_5844 IMG_5837

Finally, I thought our Mayan visitor was funny, because he was making the facts about olden days into lots of fun activities for us. I learned that they had more than 150 Gods. I recommend that years 2 and 4 should do it, because year 2 learn about Mexico and year 4 will be coming into year 5 next year.”


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