Maths in Motion


For the past 6 weeks, 15 children in year 5 have been working hard every Tuesday after-school to use maths to compete in a Grand Prix race against each other using the program ‘Maths In Motion’ from Jaguar cars, showing how maths in used to prepare and race Grand Prix cars.

Many areas of the curriculum are addressed by taking part in ‘Maths in Motion’ have included:

  • Measuring angles of corners
  • Measure & scale of straights
  • Multiplication and division for speeds
  • Percentages of performance
  • Decimals
  • Rounding
  • Ratios
  • Mean
  • Interpreting graphs
  • Speed
  • Distance and time for practise laps

After hours of measuring and multiplying corners and speeds, completing copious amounts of practise laps, on Thursday lunchtime we were ready to race our 50 lap Monaco Grand Prix!

During those 50 laps, we had:

  • 5 crashes in the first lap
  • 2 running out of fuel in 21st lap, along with Mr Forster’s engine exploding.
  • 4 cars running out of fuel from the 23rd to the 25th lap (one ran out just before pit stop).
  • Leaving only 2 cars to race the final 25 laps, which resulted in one running out of fuel on the 50th (and final lap) and the winner completing all 50, albeit with smoking tyres since her 48th lap.


Bronze medal, for running out of fuel on lap 25: Katie

Silver medal, running out of fuel on the last lap: Kira

Gold medal, only car to complete all laps: Libby


Despite not winning, all the children enjoyed this club (especially the competition) and have used their maths in a practical way. We definitely have some budding engineers within this group!



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