Harton Puzzlers – Animal Allies – 19/10/16

Throughout the week, we have been displaying posters around the school with red squirrel ‘Did you know’ facts. We chose our places carefully, to ensure people would see them. Examples included the entrance to our nursery, at the water fountain and on doors that lead  to the toilet.

By providing the school with informative Red Squirrel facts, we are raising awareness about them.

We also carried out a survey with 18 KS1 and KS2 classes, to find out: if they use apps on their phones; do they go out using their phones to take photos; and if they would like to help the Red Squirrels.

Survey 2

Thankfully, 387 children (out of 540 children) said that they would like to help the Red Squirrel. That is 72% of our school! Who would resist helping those cute animals?

With our new badge maker arrived, we spend our evening session finalising our badge designs. There was lots of copying, chocolate biscuits, citrus refreshments, complaining, chatting, clarifying (over the difference between acorns and pinecones) colouring and commenting (especially on Mr Forster’s design). Time for some choosing and cutting out for production of our badges.

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