Lumb Bank – Wednesday

It was a very busy day again with children learning all about Viking poems called kennings and also using word association to write some amazing poetry with Valerie Bloom.

The children have done so well on this course, they have learned so many amazing new writing skills and also became aces in the kitchen, preparing both the main course and dessert for everyone on Tuesday and Wednesday night.

Don’t get me started on their brilliance playing Articulate for Kids, Mafia and of course, their favourite game, Stagger Lee.

Here are a couple of videos of the fun they had playing the game.


Day 2 – Lumb Bank – Tuesday

Our morning started with an alarm – don’t worry though, it was just Mrs. Hogg taking the bacon out of the oven!  Oops!  We still enjoyed our cooked breakfast though.

The morning was spent with John and Valerie learning how to write a list poem.  The children really used their imaginations to create their own poems; I am sure they will share them with you when they come home.

In the afternoon, we all went for a really long walk in the woods near Lumb Bank.  I bet Ted Hughes walked here as well and it gave him lots of great ideas for his poetry.

We had to use what we had seen, walking through the woods to design our own world.

We had to name the world after our initials but could choose our own words to replace the initials.

Here are some photos from our walk.


Day 1 at Lumb Bank – Monday

The children were so busy at Lumb Bank on their first day working with John and Valerie.  They learned how to write poetry and dedicated it to people they really liked or loved.

They worked really hard and enjoyed the interactive songs they learnt with poet, Valerie, later.  The children performed a traditional Jamaican slave song with the teachers’ help.


More fun followed as they played their favourite game, Mafia, before going to bed.

They all slept very well.



Harton Puzzlers Fund Raising

The Puzzlers are raising money for their trip to the national Lego League competition. They have designed 8 different badges and are planning on selling them for 50p each, to go towards the flights and hotel for the event.

So the children have started cutting and pressing their badges on a lunchtime. Only about 500 left to go!

Just a quick post to let parents and carers know that we all arrived safely.

It was a very safe bus journey, followed by a look around the gorgeous house, which was once owned by former poet-laureate, Ted Hughes.

Children were invited to their rooms and then tucked in to a delicious lunch of baked potatoes with lots of toppings.

At 2:30, they will be starting their first workshop with authors, John Hegley and Val Bloom



Y6A visit Harton Academy

On Friday 7th December, our Christmas jumper day, Y6A went to Harton Academy to work with Miss Johansson to produce a keyring.

The children used a CAD programme called 2D Design to plan and design their keyring. The design was then sent, by the computer, to the laser cutter, where their keyring was cut by laser for them. The material they used was acrylic as it is strong, but can be melted in order to be cut.

I wonder if any of you will receive the finished product for Christmas!