Performance Poetry in 5F

To finish our work on poetry, we performed 2 different poems about sounds. Working in groups, we came up with different ways for the poems to be performed to show the noises in the poem.

For Jack Prelutsky’s poem “Louder than a clap of thunder”, we started reading each line in pairs, but it was not loud enough. So Logan suggested that we add a pair of children for every line, making the poem get louder and louder. What do you think of the effect?

When performing the poem “Ears Hear” by Lucia and James L. Hymes, Jr, we performed in groups to deliver each verse. We also had to include sound effects for each noise in the poem. This was the final performance:


5F Ancient Greeks in Durham

On Monday 12th of November, 5F went to Palace Green Library in Durham to learn about the Ancient Greeks.

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To start the day, they played ‘History Detectives’ and had to look at artefacts, and work out what they were made of and what they might have been used for. They were pushed to try and come up with some impressive descriptions of the colours; some we came up with were: ‘crown gold’, ‘coal black’, ‘satsuma orange’ and ‘dark chocolate’.

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After that, they put on our own Greek tragedy: the story of Medea, a witch-like woman who poisoned her husbands fiancé, father and own children. Instead of only boys playing the parts (like in Ancient Greece), they made an entertaining change: boys played the girl parts, and girls played the boy parts. This made the children exaggerate and overact – like the Greeks did.

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After lunch, they completed a series of activities in the museum. They translated Ancient Greek writing, relating to the Greek gods. Looked at the displays to match the object to the names. Looking at Greek buildings, they had to label them build an example of a temple out of foam bricks. They also played a game of jacks, with animal bones.

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To end the day, they made votive offerings give the gods to improve something at school they’d like to be better at, such as a hand to be better at basketball, or a mouth to not shout out in lessons. The children had a great day and learned a lot about the Greeks.

2018 Christmas Shoe Box Appeal


Recently, children brought home leaflets for the Christmas Child Shoe Box appeal.  We look forward to receiving filled shoe boxes donated to this wonderful charity.

If you are not able to fill a shoebox but would like to make a contribution towards one – please just send in the items with your child and we will fill shoe boxes with donated items.

Follow this link for ideas about what to include in your donated items.

Samaritans Purse – What Goes in My Shoebox


Newcastle Eagles Hoops4Health Roadshow

On Wednesday we had a visit from the players of the Newcastle Eagles basketball team to promote healthy eating and active lifestyles. After talking about of muscles and heart – which is the size of our fists – we completed a series of cardiovascular exercises, they increase our heart rates.

While looking at Healthy eating, we discovered that our food portions should be the size of hand – if it firsts in the palm of our hand, it’s the correct sized portion for us. We also talked about the traffic light system on foods, talking about foods and drinks to avoid – based on colours red, amber and green. Did you know a bottle of Coca Cola has 14 teaspoons (70g) of sugar?

Another workshop, we looked at peer pressure. We looked at how peers are someone who is around our own age, but not necessarily a friend. Our peers can be both good and bad influences on ourselves – telling us to work harder or to cheat and lie. We also discussed how hard it is to go against peer pressure – in fear of not losing our friends.

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To end our afternoon, we completed dribbling and passing drills with the Newcastle Eagles coach, Fab. As a gift for taking part, we all got a golden ticket to watch the Eagle play their next match.

Year 5 working with Coach Calvin

On Friday, Year 5 had our first visit from Coach Calvin of the Newcastle Eagles.

We started by playing a listening and reflex game. We had to clap at the same time as Calvin. If we did not clap, or clap when he did not, we were out. Our winners were Daniel, Peter and Jenni. He taught us a very important lesson for this game: “Be quick, but don’t hurry!” Meaning do a task quickly but if we hurry, we will make mistakes. This was important in our next drills.

We learned there are 2 types of passes – chest and bounce – and how to jump stop and pivot our feet. We completed races and teams were awarded points for winning, but not always. In our last race, the winners were a team who took their time and their form was neat.

We look forward to our visit from the Newcastle Eagles players next week!

An ancient Mayan visits Year 5

On Friday, Year 5 had a visitor from ancient Mayan times, called Big Nose, to tell us about what life was like in those times, including: their beliefs; how they invented maths; the foods they ate from the rainforest; and lots more.

After a learning the Mayan numbers to 10 (complete with a competition of boys against girls, including a teacher round with help from good listeners), we sacrificed 5 children in different Mayan ways to please the gods. This included: decapitation, heart extraction, drowning, buried alive and shot by arrows.

Some children got to dress in Mayan clothes, and to find the most important person for a feathered headdress, we had to find out who could cross their eyes the best – since this was a sign of importance and beauty.

Next, we tried Mayan foods. However, we learned that many of the foods we eat nowadays made up a lot of the Mayan diet, such as avocados, peppers, corn (maize), beans and butternut squash. As well as their greatest export: chocolate. However, it was not chocolate we are used to – no milk. It was 85% cocoa. There were not many fans of the almost pure chocolate bar. 6 lucky (or unlucky) individuals got to try 100% pure cocoa beans – they were not fans either. The teachers also got to try some, but did not get that ‘chocolate fix’ from milk chocolate. It was described as bitter, salty and textured like nuts or sawdust.

After play and lunch, the year group was split to take part in drama sessions. They were split into a further 6 groups, then the children were given different situations to dramatise and deliver to the other groups. Each person needed to have an active role in the performance, no matter how quiet they were. We were told to be as funny and cheesy as possible to deliver the information to the rest of the groups, as we learn more when it’s fun.

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To end our day, we took part in another drama session, this time including the teachers, to learn about the Mayan creation story. The teachers played the parts of the gods (Kuklukan and Hurrucan), where we played the different animals, trees and people that were created by the gods.

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Word Millionaires

We were delighted today to present these three pupils with very prestigious ‘Word Millionaire’ trophies in assembly. Amie, Evie and Ashlee have been such enthusiastic and dedicated readers, both in and out of school that they have read over one million words through our Accelerated Reader program. We are very proud of them and hope to be awarding more Word Millionaires soon.

Beamish Trip Y5W

Year 5 went on a trip to Beamish to learn about life during World War One, in preparation for reading ‘War Horse’ by Micheal Morpurgo. We had the chance to visit shops in the town,  journey into the mine and take part in a workshop based on a real solider from WW1.