Lego League Regionals 2018

After 3 months of hard work, and (for some) EVERY lunchtime since September, the day finally arrived on December 6th.

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Kitted in their lab coats, glasses and bow ties, the Harton Puzzlers travelled to The Word to compete against teams from all over the region – including secondary schools! The first few rounds with the robot were disappointing, as we didn’t score as highly as we would have liked. After their first robot game, the pupils scored technical points, which involved talking about their robot design and strategy. This usually take about 5 minutes, but the boys talked for 10 minutes!

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Next the children had 5 minutes for a costume change and got ready for their presentation. After many practises at school, they delivered it perfectly! It was clear, loud and confident. The presentation even included a “live” video call from an astronaut on the International Space Station.

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There was a teamwork task, where the children had to work together effectively in order to complete a Lego building challenge. After lunch, we found out we were in the semi final!

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The Puzzlers got through to the semi finals- joint 3rd with St. Gregory’s. They had 2 more chances to prove their robot’s skills. In their second and final attempt, the boys protested to the judges over a ruling – supported by teachers from different schools – and the Puzzlers scraped into the finals with 72 points.

In the finals, the Puzzlers competed against Oakwood Comprehensive School – who kindly offered up their extra attachments, which allowed the Harton to scorecard more points. After three more rounds of the robot game,  the Puzzlers’ score got higher and higher with each attempt.  The trophy for Robot Table Champion went to the well deserved Oakwood!

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Every team was awarded at least one trophy, for skills such as teamwork, presentation, tactics and co-operation, but the Harton Puzzlers were delighted to find out that they had won the overall competition! After so much work from our team, there were many tears of happiness and shouts of joy.

South Shields F.C.

Years 5 and 6 had a visit from South Shields players Carl Finnigan, Dan Wright and Blair Adams today. They answered the childrens questions about playing football for the club. In addition they gave every child two tickets for the Stalybridge Celtic game on the 15th of December. 10 lucky children will be drawn at random to lead the team out on to the pitch. The captains of the school football teams were also presented with a signed copy of a strip from the club.

Performance Poetry in 5F

To finish our work on poetry, we performed 2 different poems about sounds. Working in groups, we came up with different ways for the poems to be performed to show the noises in the poem.

For Jack Prelutsky’s poem “Louder than a clap of thunder”, we started reading each line in pairs, but it was not loud enough. So Logan suggested that we add a pair of children for every line, making the poem get louder and louder. What do you think of the effect?

When performing the poem “Ears Hear” by Lucia and James L. Hymes, Jr, we performed in groups to deliver each verse. We also had to include sound effects for each noise in the poem. This was the final performance:


5F Ancient Greeks in Durham

On Monday 12th of November, 5F went to Palace Green Library in Durham to learn about the Ancient Greeks.

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To start the day, they played ‘History Detectives’ and had to look at artefacts, and work out what they were made of and what they might have been used for. They were pushed to try and come up with some impressive descriptions of the colours; some we came up with were: ‘crown gold’, ‘coal black’, ‘satsuma orange’ and ‘dark chocolate’.

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After that, they put on our own Greek tragedy: the story of Medea, a witch-like woman who poisoned her husbands fiancé, father and own children. Instead of only boys playing the parts (like in Ancient Greece), they made an entertaining change: boys played the girl parts, and girls played the boy parts. This made the children exaggerate and overact – like the Greeks did.

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After lunch, they completed a series of activities in the museum. They translated Ancient Greek writing, relating to the Greek gods. Looked at the displays to match the object to the names. Looking at Greek buildings, they had to label them build an example of a temple out of foam bricks. They also played a game of jacks, with animal bones.

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To end the day, they made votive offerings give the gods to improve something at school they’d like to be better at, such as a hand to be better at basketball, or a mouth to not shout out in lessons. The children had a great day and learned a lot about the Greeks.

2018 Christmas Shoe Box Appeal


Recently, children brought home leaflets for the Christmas Child Shoe Box appeal.  We look forward to receiving filled shoe boxes donated to this wonderful charity.

If you are not able to fill a shoebox but would like to make a contribution towards one – please just send in the items with your child and we will fill shoe boxes with donated items.

Follow this link for ideas about what to include in your donated items.

Samaritans Purse – What Goes in My Shoebox


Newcastle Eagles Hoops4Health Roadshow

On Wednesday we had a visit from the players of the Newcastle Eagles basketball team to promote healthy eating and active lifestyles. After talking about of muscles and heart – which is the size of our fists – we completed a series of cardiovascular exercises, they increase our heart rates.

While looking at Healthy eating, we discovered that our food portions should be the size of hand – if it firsts in the palm of our hand, it’s the correct sized portion for us. We also talked about the traffic light system on foods, talking about foods and drinks to avoid – based on colours red, amber and green. Did you know a bottle of Coca Cola has 14 teaspoons (70g) of sugar?

Another workshop, we looked at peer pressure. We looked at how peers are someone who is around our own age, but not necessarily a friend. Our peers can be both good and bad influences on ourselves – telling us to work harder or to cheat and lie. We also discussed how hard it is to go against peer pressure – in fear of not losing our friends.

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To end our afternoon, we completed dribbling and passing drills with the Newcastle Eagles coach, Fab. As a gift for taking part, we all got a golden ticket to watch the Eagle play their next match.