Christmas is coming …

Feliz Navidad and Merry Christmas!

In Year 3 and 4 we have been connecting with other cultures. We found out that some Spanish customs and traditions at Christmas time are similar to our own. Then we made cards and baubles to reflect what our local area can look like in Winter. We will be exchanging these with a school in Spain we have connections with.

Mr Donnelly visited Wellbeing Club this week and taught the group some greetings in Spanish. Pupils played a game to reinforce the language. They will use these new skills to communicate with Spanish pupils.


A Healthy Lunch

As part of Health and Wellbeing week, Year 4 created their own healthy chicken kebabs. The children selected either plain or spicy chicken, onions, peppers, red cabbage and tomatoes and placed them inside a pitta bread. It tasted delicious.

Skipping School

As part of Health and Wellbeing week the children in Year 4 had a skipping lesson with Chris. During this session he should the children different skipping activities they are able to do on their own, in pairs or as part of a large group. All the children loved these sessions and are eager to use these skills in the playground.

Viking Visitor

On Wednesday, the 7th of November, Year 4 had a visit from a Viking lady called Sif. She taught us about how Vikings lived their lives, dressed some of us in Viking clothing and turned some of us into scary warriors.

2018 Christmas Shoe Box Appeal


Recently, children brought home leaflets for the Christmas Child Shoe Box appeal.  We look forward to receiving filled shoe boxes donated to this wonderful charity.

If you are not able to fill a shoebox but would like to make a contribution towards one – please just send in the items with your child and we will fill shoe boxes with donated items.

Follow this link for ideas about what to include in your donated items.

Samaritans Purse – What Goes in My Shoebox


Toffee Bear’s Chinese Adventure

Thanks to the good weather, we have all had a nice six weeks holidays from school.

Some of us stayed in South Shields but Toffee from our school went abroad.

He went on holiday with Benjamin from Year 4 – they went all the way to China!!

Benjamin and his family stayed in Qinhuangdao.  It is a coastal town 300km east of Beijing (China’s capital city) and over two million people live there.

Benjamin was visiting his grandparents but he got lots of time to take Toffee sightseeing.

Toffee really enjoyed his adventure in China; he met lots of different people.  Benjamin even took Toffee to visit a school.  Toffee liked it but he likes Harton Primary School even more.

We hope you enjoy watching Benjamin and Toffee’s slideshow.

It looks like they had an amazing time.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Crime Scene Investigation

Last week, the children investigated a mysterious crime scene in the community room. The children gathered evidence and then wrote newspaper reports about the incident. Some of the children also went on to present their news reports to a television audience, which you can watch below.

Harton News