Y1L trip to West Boldon Lodge

Y1L loved their visit to West Boldon Lodge, First we went on a mini beast hunt in the fairy garden before going pond dipping. After lunch, we explored ‘Hollywood’ and enjoyed den building and helped Victoria build a campfire. The toasted Marshmallows were delicious!

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A postcard from Kenya

Miss Cook came back to visit us in Year 1 after her month long visit to Kenya. She had been a volunteer teacher at a school there and wanted to share details of her fantastic experience with us. She saw zebras, elephants, giraffes, lions and hippos while on a safari there. At break times, the pupils ate cooked sweet potato or corn on the cob. Miss Cook brought a Kenyan worry doll and a Masai warrior robe to show us. Lots of our pupils seem keen on going on travel adventures just like Miss Cook.

Y1H Trip to West Boldon Lodge

What a fun trip we have had to West Boldon Lodge. We have loved all of the activities, including pond dipping, mini beast hunt, den building and having a sing along and marshmallows by a campfire. We also couldn’t have a trip without a little ‘Harton Factor’ with Mrs Lamb!

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