The Jolly Christmas Postman

Year 1 are enjoying reading the Jolly Christmas Postman in English.

We have been learning how to write instructions and making predictions about what the Jolly Postman has in his post bag!

Y1J’s Fantastic Gymnastics

In PE this half term we have been learning how to perform a routine in gymnastics.

We do forward rolls, teddy bear rolls, straddle and pike shapes then end with a balance. Here we are holding a shape for 5 seconds. There’s a lot to remember in the routine but we try our best in every lesson and we’re getting better every week!


Year 1 Try Out the New Running Track!

Year 1 had a great time testing the new running track as part of Health and Wellbeing week.

We increased out heart rate and breathing by running and walking on the different coloured parts of the track. Look at us go!




Y1J’s visit from Nexus

Y1J were visited by the school’s liaison officer from Nexus. We had learned a lot about public transport in Geography where we looked at the local area of South Shields.

We know how to stay safe on the Metro and we learned the five golden rules.

Y1M’s Autumn Walk

Before half term Y1M visited Cleadon Park as part of our Science topic, seasonal changes. We looked for signs of Autumn using our expertise and checklists! Toffee got to come along too!

We spotted lots of brightly coloured leaves, conkers and berries. Here are some photographs from our visit.


2018 Christmas Shoe Box Appeal


Recently, children brought home leaflets for the Christmas Child Shoe Box appeal.  We look forward to receiving filled shoe boxes donated to this wonderful charity.

If you are not able to fill a shoebox but would like to make a contribution towards one – please just send in the items with your child and we will fill shoe boxes with donated items.

Follow this link for ideas about what to include in your donated items.

Samaritans Purse – What Goes in My Shoebox