School Reopens On Monday 18th March

Good News!

Despite the rain, the workmen have managed to make the roof safe.

School will reopen to all pupils on Monday 18th March.

We will have our own Red Nose Day on Friday 22nd March and Y2E’s class assembly will be rescheduled.

All events planned for this week will go ahead (Music Festival for Year 2 and the choir).

Thank you for you patience and understanding.

Looking forward to seeing you all on Monday.

Y1M are Toy Makers!

As part of our history topic about toys, we learned about the Victorian toy called a ‘Thaumatrope’. This was a popular toy, made from a disc or card with a picture on each side and attached to two pieces of string. They were used by twirling the two discs around quickly to animate the pictures.

We made our own Thaumatropes and really enjoyed testing them out!

Here are some of our toys.


That History Bloke visits Year One

As part of our History topic of toys from the past, Year One had a visit from That History Bloke! Richard came to speak to us about life in Victorian times and we even got the chance to play with some Victorian toys!

We were excited to see the kind of things children in those times would have played with, and thought carefully about how things have changed. It was fascinating and lots of fun.


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Animal Antics Visit

In year 1 we have been learning about mammals as part of our Science topic. We know that mammals are warm blooded, give birth to live babies and that they usually have hair or fur.

We were lucky enough to have a visit from Animal antics and got to meet lots of new animal friends, some of them were mammals! We listened to the facts and had to classify the animals before we got to see them. Our favourite animal was the chicken, who reminded us of Pollito from Despicable Me 2!


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The Jolly Christmas Postman

Year 1 are enjoying reading the Jolly Christmas Postman in English.

We have been learning how to write instructions and making predictions about what the Jolly Postman has in his post bag!

Y1J’s Fantastic Gymnastics

In PE this half term we have been learning how to perform a routine in gymnastics.

We do forward rolls, teddy bear rolls, straddle and pike shapes then end with a balance. Here we are holding a shape for 5 seconds. There’s a lot to remember in the routine but we try our best in every lesson and we’re getting better every week!