Harton 100% Attendance Celebration Assembly

We all know the value of good attendance at School and this morning Harton Primary hosted an assembly for all those children whose School attendance was 100% in the Autumn Term. There were 137 children and lots of parents!! Parents and caregivers were invited in for a bacon sandwich and a drink. All children received a certificate and the chance to take part in an attendance prize draw. Children then visited the attendance shop to collect lots of prizes – one for each full week of attendance. We all had a fantastic time and look forward to even more parents and children celebrating 100% attendance in the Summer Term.

Toffee Bear’s Chinese Adventure

Thanks to the good weather, we have all had a nice six weeks holidays from school.

Some of us stayed in South Shields but Toffee from our school went abroad.

He went on holiday with Benjamin from Year 4 – they went all the way to China!!

Benjamin and his family stayed in Qinhuangdao.  It is a coastal town 300km east of Beijing (China’s capital city) and over two million people live there.

Benjamin was visiting his grandparents but he got lots of time to take Toffee sightseeing.

Toffee really enjoyed his adventure in China; he met lots of different people.  Benjamin even took Toffee to visit a school.  Toffee liked it but he likes Harton Primary School even more.

We hope you enjoy watching Benjamin and Toffee’s slideshow.

It looks like they had an amazing time.

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