Gymnastics Competition Success

Pupils from Year-6 were selected to represent the school in a gymnastics competition at Temple Park. After a warm-up and practise, the children performed their routine to the judges. Later, they had the opportunity to try some new skills on the trampolines and gymnastics equipment. Two of the three teams went on to claim first and second place and will now progress to the next level of the competition. All of the children performed superbly and were commended by Temple Park Staff for their excellent behaviour throughout the morning. They were a credit to the school and should be very proud of themselves.

Newcastle Eagles Hoops4Health Roadshow

On Wednesday we had a visit from the players of the Newcastle Eagles basketball team to promote healthy eating and active lifestyles. After talking about of muscles and heart – which is the size of our fists – we completed a series of cardiovascular exercises, they increase our heart rates.

While looking at Healthy eating, we discovered that our food portions should be the size of hand – if it firsts in the palm of our hand, it’s the correct sized portion for us. We also talked about the traffic light system on foods, talking about foods and drinks to avoid – based on colours red, amber and green. Did you know a bottle of Coca Cola has 14 teaspoons (70g) of sugar?

Another workshop, we looked at peer pressure. We looked at how peers are someone who is around our own age, but not necessarily a friend. Our peers can be both good and bad influences on ourselves – telling us to work harder or to cheat and lie. We also discussed how hard it is to go against peer pressure – in fear of not losing our friends.

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To end our afternoon, we completed dribbling and passing drills with the Newcastle Eagles coach, Fab. As a gift for taking part, we all got a golden ticket to watch the Eagle play their next match.

Could you be a Buddy?

Excited by the delivery of our Buddy Bus Stops, School Council members met to discuss how these might best be used to help children feeling lonely in the yard. Council members explained that it will be important to have thoughtful children playing close to the bus stops if those feeling lost are to receive the help that they need. Could you be one of these helpful children, or Buddies, that the School Council are looking for?


Making a difference in school and out!

Members of the School Council have been busy working their magic again. Not content with making a huge difference to their local community, the children have turned their attention to how they might be able to help fellow pupils within school.

Members of the School Council explained in their recent meeting that the yard can, at times, be a lonely place for some children. It is not always easy to find someone to play with, especially when close friends are absent or are eating lunch. After a lengthy discussion of possible ways around this issue, the School Council decided upon installing a ‘Buddy Bus Stop’ in each yard. Children who are feeling lost and in need of a friend can come to one of the Bus Stops to receive the help that they need.


Canny Friday!

This half term, our School Council are collecting donations of canned and other dried foods to help the South Tyneside Food Bank. Providing emergency food parcels for local individuals and families in crisis, the food bank is run by ‘Hospitality and Hope’. This is a Christian faith based charity that was established in 2002 to help support vulnerable individuals from within our community.Webpost_cansoffood

Donations of canned and dried foods for the food bank can be sent into school with your child each Friday. Our School Council members will be involved in sorting these donations, prior them being collected by the charity.

The first ‘Canny Friday’ will be held on Friday 10th March. The event will continue to be held, each Friday, until the end of term.