Boys Football

A fantastic performance from the boys B team, made up mostly of Year 5 children, saw them defeat Cleadon 6-1. Goals for Josh, Bailey Callum, Dylan and two for Logan capped really good team effort. Well done boys.

Boys Football

The boys A team played a game this week against Laygate. A really dominant performance saw the boys win 8-0 with goals from Harry (3), Leighton (2), Rome, Charlie and Taylor. This win kept up our 100% record and put us top of the league. Well done boys.

Girls Football

The girls football team played their second set of fixtures on Tuesday 6th of November. Despite losing captain Soraya to injury the A team won both of their games 1-0 with goals for Ellie and Megan. The B team, made up mostly of Year 5 girls drew their first game 0-0 but unfortunately came up against a strong St Matthews team made up of Year 6 girls and went down 5-0 despite good goal keeping from Carmel. All the girls had a great day and were a pleasure to take out for the afternoon. Their next set of fixtures will be at Harton on the 7th of March.

Cross Country – Harton take the Silver Medal

For the first time ever 48 children from Harton Primary entered the Primary Cross Country championships for South Tyneside. The Years 3 and 4 children all ran half a mile and our Year 4 boys came third in the team event and the Year 4 girls were second. The Year 5 and 6 children all ran a full mile and all four teams finished in the top four of the team events. When the scores were added together we were awarded second place overall, not bad for our first attempt. All the children had a great time and fully enjoyed the experience.

Newcastle Eagles Hoops4Health Roadshow

On Wednesday we had a visit from the players of the Newcastle Eagles basketball team to promote healthy eating and active lifestyles. After talking about of muscles and heart – which is the size of our fists – we completed a series of cardiovascular exercises, they increase our heart rates.

While looking at Healthy eating, we discovered that our food portions should be the size of hand – if it firsts in the palm of our hand, it’s the correct sized portion for us. We also talked about the traffic light system on foods, talking about foods and drinks to avoid – based on colours red, amber and green. Did you know a bottle of Coca Cola has 14 teaspoons (70g) of sugar?

Another workshop, we looked at peer pressure. We looked at how peers are someone who is around our own age, but not necessarily a friend. Our peers can be both good and bad influences on ourselves – telling us to work harder or to cheat and lie. We also discussed how hard it is to go against peer pressure – in fear of not losing our friends.

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To end our afternoon, we completed dribbling and passing drills with the Newcastle Eagles coach, Fab. As a gift for taking part, we all got a golden ticket to watch the Eagle play their next match.

Boys Football

The A team got their season of to a flying start when they played their first fixtures of the season at Temple Park on Thursday. In the first game they beat Mortimer 9 – 2 with goals by Taylor (3), Harry (3) Leighton (2) and a wonder goal from Josh who ran the length of the pitch and beat 4 players to score.

In the second game of the night the boys beat Simonside 8 – 0. Goals by Taylor (2), Harry, Leighton (2), Bailey (2) and an excellent free kick by Charlie.

All the boys were excellent and can be proud of their performances and how they represented the school.

Year 5 working with Coach Calvin

On Friday, Year 5 had our first visit from Coach Calvin of the Newcastle Eagles.

We started by playing a listening and reflex game. We had to clap at the same time as Calvin. If we did not clap, or clap when he did not, we were out. Our winners were Daniel, Peter and Jenni. He taught us a very important lesson for this game: “Be quick, but don’t hurry!” Meaning do a task quickly but if we hurry, we will make mistakes. This was important in our next drills.

We learned there are 2 types of passes – chest and bounce – and how to jump stop and pivot our feet. We completed races and teams were awarded points for winning, but not always. In our last race, the winners were a team who took their time and their form was neat.

We look forward to our visit from the Newcastle Eagles players next week!

Year 6 Hockey

For the past four weeks, year 6 have been having fun learning to play hockey with a coach. They’ve learned to dribble, stop and pass the ball, and are beginning to play small sided games.

Boys Football Team

The boys B team, made up mostly of Year 5 children, played their first ever games on Wednesday the 10th. In the first game the boys came from behind to beat Cleadon 4-1 with Bailey scoring three and Josh the other, with the help of a deflection. In the second game the boys went down 4-0 to Ashley but were unlucky not to get at least 1 goal. The boys played some really good football and can be proud of their performances against Year 6 children.