Elizabeth Wright visits Harton Primary

We have welcomed so many fantastic visitors and coaches to support us during our Health and Wellbeing/ Anti-bullying Week 2018.

Elizabeth Wright shared her wisdom and inspirational life with Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 during a number of presentations and workshops this week. She told us about the nature of her disability, and that it had not stopped her from achieving her goal of participating in the Sydney 2000 Paralympic Games. In fact, despite some setbacks, she persevered and against the odds, took the Silver Medal! All of our pupils listened respectfully to Elizabeth’s story and message, asking some great questions and completing some fantastic follow up work about aiming high.

Health and Well-Being Week

We have had a fantastic week in Year 2 this week celebrating Health and Well-Being week. We have learned about how to keep our bodies and mind healthy. There have been lots of fun activities we have taken part in, but we really enjoyed making a healthy meal with Mrs Seals our cook!

Children in Need 2018

We have been raising money for Children in Need. Thanks go to our talented staff for making us delicious Pudsey cakes and biscuits. There’s something for everyone here!


Water for Health

Mr Robson and Mr Lumley from NWL started off our Health and Wellbeing Week with a Water Talk. We discovered all of the many health benefits of water. There are lots of shops now that will fill up your refillable water bottle for free, which will hopefully encourage people to stop buying single use plastic bottles.


A visit from the dentists!

Year 1 and 2 thoroughly enjoyed finding out about the work their local dentists do and how to keep their teeth healthy and happy. They found out about good sugars versus bad sugars, and how long we should brush our teeth for.


FAB Awards 2018

We were delighted to receive a FAB award for our school’s work on anti-bullying. Some members of our Wellbeing Club delivered a short presentation at Boldon School sharing activities we do at the club.


Claire and Sue, our local Wellbeing nurses, taught us about the balance of foods we should be eating every day, and the healthy foods we should be including in our packed lunches. They showed us the Eatwell plate and the food wheel. It was fun and informative!