School Council Election 2018

We have been learning about the democratic process in school and put this into practise when voting for this year’s class representatives.

Some of our Year 6 pupils took on the role of clerks and counters and all of our voters enjoyed participating.

Our new School Council members will have their first meeting on Thursday. An announcement will follow on the results of our first meeting.

A big thank you to the School Council


As well as being excellent class and school representatives, the School Council have also been setting a good example as Eco Warriors.

Healthy Schools Award 2018-2021

Congratulations to the whole school community in helping us to achieve this award again!

We were delighted to collect the award at a ceremony in South Shields Town Hall.

Not content to sit on our laurels though, we are already thinking about how we can extend our provision by including yoga, a Health and Wellbeing Week, raising awareness of mental health issues, and involving parents, carers and children in developing future plans.




The Great Big School Clean 2018

The School Council led our Great Big School Clean assembly on Friday 9th March. They also took part in a school litter pick and found a surprisingly large amount of litter! There was a mixture of different materials – plastic, cardboard, foil and fabric.

We know that litter should be recycled wherever possible. Each class wrote a poem about litter to submit to the Eco Schools Litter-acy  competition. We are really proud of all of the entries. Fingers crossed!


School Council Litter Picking Rota

Following on from The Big School Clean Up, our School Council decided that they’d like to make this a regular event.

Mrs Parker, our school caretaker, kindly offered to help the School Council pick litter twice weekly in the school grounds.

This week it’s Year 1’s turn. They were delighted to find a butterfly garden ornament in the bushes, which they are going to upcycle.

Meet our School Council 2017-18

Meet our elected School Council! Following on from our in-school elections, candidates were elected for 2017-18.

They have been busy already, giving feedback on how our Playground Buddies programme is working, and ways in which they can help raise the profile of local and global environmental issues. Watch this space!


Could you be a Buddy?

Excited by the delivery of our Buddy Bus Stops, School Council members met to discuss how these might best be used to help children feeling lonely in the yard. Council members explained that it will be important to have thoughtful children playing close to the bus stops if those feeling lost are to receive the help that they need. Could you be one of these helpful children, or Buddies, that the School Council are looking for?


Making a difference in school and out!

Members of the School Council have been busy working their magic again. Not content with making a huge difference to their local community, the children have turned their attention to how they might be able to help fellow pupils within school.

Members of the School Council explained in their recent meeting that the yard can, at times, be a lonely place for some children. It is not always easy to find someone to play with, especially when close friends are absent or are eating lunch. After a lengthy discussion of possible ways around this issue, the School Council decided upon installing a ‘Buddy Bus Stop’ in each yard. Children who are feeling lost and in need of a friend can come to one of the Bus Stops to receive the help that they need.