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La Belgique, la Suisse, et Mali! Just some of the countries represented by les animaux in our theatre workshop, run by TSF theatre group. Le lion, le lapin et la baleine were a few of the animals the Year 4 children had to perform as. They learned a lot of new language, as well as improving their ability to perform. The icing on the cake was when Year 4 got to perform alongside the actors. Year 4 and 5 were amazed at how much of the story they could follow, considering it was spoken in French!

Merhaba! Hello!

Merhaba! Hello! With 2016 being the year of the Rio Olympics and Euro 16 in France, it seemed like a good idea to dedicate a whole day to the sportsmen and sportswomen, and the cultures, of different nations. Each year group chose a different country to celebrate, then the children participated in sports, games, research and food tasting activities. This culminated in watching a live Euro16 football match.


Miss Smith teaching some modern, and traditional Turkish dance moves.


Researching Turkish Olympians, footballers, geography and history.


Olympics 2016

We’re getting ready for a summer of sport here at Harton Primary School!

Pupils from schools in Spain, Italy and Poland have sent us some cards they designed on an Olympic theme. Year 4 have also been making cards which were sent to schools in 5 European countries, promoting fair play, diversity and effort. We also researched Olympic facts on the ipads. Did you know that the mascots for the Games are called Vinicius and Tom? There will also be two other sports added to the Olympic line up – golf and rugby sevens!

There’s a lot of exciting events lined up for this half term – a whole school celebration of Euro 16, a ‘Road to Rio’ dance workshop for Year 2 and 3, and a theatre production entirely in French for Year 4 ad 5, entitled ‘ Les Olympiques’. C’est super!

Year 6 Hoops4Health

The Year 6 Team (photo taken after tournament, so they look tired)

The Year 6 Team (photo taken after tournament, so they look tired)

At Harton Technology, 8 of our year 6s took part in the Hoops4Health tournament. We played all morning, taking part in 4 games ourselves and then staying to watch the finals between St. Aloysius and St. Bede.

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We had a great morning, some grumbling aside. Can’t wait for the next Year 6s to take part in 2017.

Gymnastics Competition Year 1 and 2

On Wednesday 9th December, some year 1 and year 2 children entered a gymnastics competition at South Tyneside Gymnastics Centre. We all had lots of fun. If your child is interested in gymnastics, mixed sessions run Monday-Friday 4-5pm and 5-6pm at Temple Park Leisure Centre. Contact

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Hoops4Health Roadshow

Hoops 4 Health

Today we have a visit from some Newcastle Eagles players, to give us our Hoops4Health Roadshow come to school today. They explained to use the importance eating right, exercising to stay fit, the dangers smoking has to our health and basketball activities.

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We have learned a lot about being healthy. To reward us for our hard work, the Newcastle Eagles coaches gave each child a  for free entry to their next home match on the 11th of December at Sport Central. Parents even get in for a discounted price, using the instructions on the ticket.