Merhaba! Hello!

Merhaba! Hello! With 2016 being the year of the Rio Olympics and Euro 16 in France, it seemed like a good idea to dedicate a whole day to the sportsmen and sportswomen, and the cultures, of different nations. Each year group chose a different country to celebrate, then the children participated in sports, games, research and food tasting activities. This culminated in watching a live Euro16 football match.


Miss Smith teaching some modern, and traditional Turkish dance moves.


Researching Turkish Olympians, footballers, geography and history.


Year 4 enjoy ‘Les Adventures de lapin’.

We were treated to a brilliant performance by this fabulous theatre company! It was amazing that the children could follow the story – it was spoken entirely in French! Year 4 had been learning some French songs so they could participate in the performance, and a particular favourite was ‘Moi, j’adore les bananes’. They will be returning in the Summer term for Year 5 – I wonder what their next performance will be about?

Lingotot, Languages After School Club in Year 1


These Year 1 children have been having great fun with Becki from Lingotot. They’ve been learning some new French vocabulary, songs and producing artwork on the theme of parts of the body (Mon corps).

deux yeux = two eyes

un nez = one nose

une bouche = one mouth

Speaking and Listening…in French!


Y4R create Puppet Pals on the Ipads from Julie Hogg on Vimeo.



Y4R have been using an app on the ipads called Puppet Pals, in order to help them practice their French Speaking and Listening. Working in pairs, the children rehearsed their parts, integrating new vocabulary with sentence structures they were already familiar with. Their pronunciations are magnifique!

Quelle heure est-il, madame?

Il est cinq heures et demie.

Les Animaux

We learnt about how to write sentences about animals in French. The children took care with their spellings and punctuation, just like they do in their writing in English.