Learning about Judaism

Year 2 enjoyed our visit from Kim Johnstone, who taught us about the Jewish faith and the festival of Hannukah. We learnt about the synagogue and tried to speak a little bit of Hebrew. She was very impressed with how knowledgeable the children in Year 2 are!

Easter Praise Performance

This afternoon, year 4 performed a play called Easter Praise at St Lawrence’s Church. Following a lot of hard work and practise, the children acted and sang superbly. All the teachers were very proud of the effort and enthusiasm which was put into the performance. Special thanks to Reverend Paul at St Lawrence’s for allowing us to use the church and to Mr Richardson for playing the music.


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Holy Week at St Lawrence’s Church

In the build up to Easter this week, year 4 have had the opportunity to learn more about Holy Week by taking part in a range of activities at St. Lawrence’s Church. As part of their R.E. studies, the children enjoyed an afternoon exploring the different parts of the Easter story. Many thanks to Reverend Paul and the volunteers at St. Lawrence’s Church for hosting the activities.

European Christmas Card Exchange

Before the Christmas holidays, every year group created beautiful Christmas cards to send to other European countries. We have received cards from schools in lots of countries including Spain, Croatia, Bulgaria, Poland, Wales and Latvia. Each year group also received their own set of cards created by children at another Spanish school. Y2E were also fortunate enough to receive personal Christmas cards from their new pen pals in Spain. We can’t wait to take part in more international projects!

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Rio Carnival in Y2E

This week, we found out about the continent South America. The biggest country in South America is Brazil. We celebrated the Rio Carnival by designing and decorating amazing masks! We listened to the sounds of the carnival so we could pretend we were there.

Year 3 writing letters to Italy – buona Pasqua!

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Year 3 had a great reason to put their informal letter writing skills to the test recently. They teamed up with Scuola Primaria San Biagio in Italy, and were soon receiving letters and Easter cards from the children there. So, Year 3 replied, writing some fabulous letters containing all sorts of interesting information, and creating some lovely posters on Purple Mash learning platform.

Children from a school in Brno, which is the second largest city in the Czech Republic, are also corresponding with us. They’ve sent us some letters, an Easter powerpoint presentation and some Easter cards. We hope they like the class card that Y4R made them. Vesele Velikonoce!


Year 3 and 4 joined an Etwinning project run by the British Council to communicate with a school in the Czech Republic, and a school in Italy.

First, the children all wrote letters to introduce themselves to one another. After that, the Year 3 children made posters about Easter traditions to send to the pupils in Italy.

They received some lovely Easter cards in return, with greetings written in Italian.