Cookery Club with Year 6

It’s the turn of year 6 for the Cookery Club. So far they have made fruit salad, banana muffins, pizza and a fruit crumble. The decoration on the pizzas included faces and a heart. Very creative! It has been lovely to see parents in supporting their children, and we hope they have enjoys the results of their efforts as much as they enjoyed the time spent creating them. Next week, it’s meatballs. This recipe has been the most popular with previous groups.

It is intended that the group will continue in September on a Thursday night.



‘One of a Kind’

On Friday 22nd April 2016, our school cook, Linda Seales, attended the South Tyneside Staff Awards ceremony at the Leisure Centre. The Mayor and a local radio station were in attendance.

Linda had been nominated for the Community Contribution Award. We can do no better than quote the entry in the Programme of Events.

‘ Linda is a school cook who provides over 500 meals per day to pupils. She also supports her school community by delivering cookery workshops after school for local families. Children and parents have learned to make cost-effective and healthy dishes, as well as good food hygiene practices. Linda has received high praise and positive feedback for her classes which bring local people together to explore cooking in a fun and supportive way. Linda is one of a kind!’

Linda said the Mayor had to open a golden envelope after the nominations had been read out.Just like the Oscars! She couldn’t believe it when her name was the winning one – a tribute to her modest approach to everything she does. She won a beautiful green and blue shell shaped glass plaque, engraved with  ‘Community Contribution’, and the right to present next year’s winner with her award.

We could not let this honour go unnoticed by staff and pupils of the school and so presented Linda with some flowers and a fabulous card in assembly.

Keep Cooking Linda!


Linda with members of the Cookery Club

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Flowers, a plaque and a card

Flowers, a plaque and a card


A collection of our recent cookery club photographs – thanks to everyone who took part.