The First Day of Spring

The first day of Spring in our Nursery Garden…

Nursery Christmas 2018

We have had a busy time in Nursery this Christmas!

We have had Stay and Play, where we sang some songs and made some Christmas Crafts. We had a great Christmas Party with lots of games, dancing and party food.  There was also a Special Visitor all of the way from the North Pole!  Not forgetting the creative session we had with Willoby Rocs, where we made three different types of decorations to take home for our Christmas trees.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Nursery.

Our Healthy Week in Nursery

We had a busy week in Nursery with lots of Visitors.

We started with Mr Simpson who took us to do lots of exercises and play games in the Nursery Garden.

Then we had Mrs Seales from our school kitchen.  She brought lots of nice things for us to taste, dips with peppers, apple, pineapple, cucumber and lots more.

We also had a visit from the Nurse to talk to us about Healthy foods.  We knew many of the vegetables they talked to us about as we had been growing them in our Nursery Garden.

We all went for a run around the new track.  Here we are…..


2018 Christmas Shoe Box Appeal


Recently, children brought home leaflets for the Christmas Child Shoe Box appeal.  We look forward to receiving filled shoe boxes donated to this wonderful charity.

If you are not able to fill a shoebox but would like to make a contribution towards one – please just send in the items with your child and we will fill shoe boxes with donated items.

Follow this link for ideas about what to include in your donated items.

Samaritans Purse – What Goes in My Shoebox


Looking for the signs of Autumn

This week we went for a walk around our school garden to look for signs of Autumn.  This is what we found….

Feeding the birds

We have been finding out about the changes in weather and were thinking about the birds during Winter, so we decided to put food out for them.

First we needed to make bird feeders.  So we used the orange skin, string and then added the bird feed, lastly we hung them in the trees, now we just need to watch for the birds.