Y3C Visit to Beamish Hall

Y3C had a wonderful time at Beamish Hall today. We all had our favourite things to take from  the day – the Adventure Play area, the trampoline, the muddy kitchen, taking vegetable plants back to school, the Fairy Dell Garden, learning facts about plants, and LUNCH! Everyone was so safe that the First Aid kit was not needed at all!


Buddy Benches

There has been a lot of decorating going on in our yards recently. Three of our children’s Buddy Bench designs were used as a stimulus to paint three benches – one for each yard. Year 6 Playground Buddies have been helping children that are feeling lonely, or need a friend. We have some new toys and equipment planned for each Buddy area.


Our Nursery Visitors

Nursery have had some special visitors.

Some special eggs arrived, we watched them over a few days, we were very lucky all ten hatched.  We gave them water and chick food, let them run around and we were able to hold them too.



Zoolab came with some of their super minibeasts, there were giant snails, cockroaches, millipedes, spiders, a snake and rats.


Easter ‘Eggs’travaganza!

We started celebrating Easter this week with a range of activities. All classes decorated boiled eggs and some year groups enjoyed a visit from the Storyteller. She retold the Easter Week Story, and the children reflected on events.

There was a lot of chocolate on display in assembly! The winners of the Egg Decorating Competition were awarded with their prizes, and the winners of the sustainably sourced Easter Egg Chocolate Raffle were announced. The raffle supports Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance and UTZ. Proceeds from the raffle will be donated to charities suggested by our School Council.

Happy Easter everyone!