A Taste of an African Market.

Today, Year 4 took a trip to Africa and visited the very busy African market. This term, we have been looking at stories from a different culture including Gregory Cool and Grace and Family (which we have just started today).  In the story, Grace visits a traditional African market, which the children had the chance to experience today.


They looked at photos and videos of an African market, they tried fruit juices including: apple, mango, orange, orange and mango and a tropical punch. They also looked at a range of spices discussing the bright vibrant colours and the unusual smells that filled the market. The children also got the chance to try a range of African foods including: Mango, pineapple, sweet potatoes, spicy rice, plain rice, couscous, green and red peppers, pomegranate, and salsa.

The children will be using their experience from today to write a description of the market using the writing devices we have been looking this term!

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